The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972) [American]

The Life and
Times of Judge Roy Bean logo Jacqueline Bissett
Jacqueline plays Rose Bean, the Judge's daughter, in her only western movie. She only appears during the last fifth of the film. In the opening credits, her name is misspelled "Bissett" in big, fancy letters! (It is spelled correctly in the closing credits.)

The film was directed by John Huston (see also "Casino Royale" and "Under the Volcano"). However, according to Jacqueline, Huston didn't bother directing her scenes. He was suffering from emphysema, and told Paul Newman to direct her! Paul Newman played her father in this movie; in "When Time Ran Out..." he played her romantic interest.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Michael Sarrazin plays Rose's husband. In fact, he only appears in a photograph shown near the end of the movie, as Ned Beatty's character explains how Rose met her husband. Perhaps a scene was actually shot and never made it into the movie. Or maybe the photo was just intended as an inside joke. Jacqueline and Michael had been living together since meeting on the film "The Sweet Ride"; they co-starred in "Believe in Me". They would separate not long after this.

Ned Beatty appears both in this movie and "The Thief Who Came to Dinner".

Much of the film was shot in "Old Tucson", a tourist attraction and permanent movie set outside Tucson, Arizona. Jacqueline's name is on a plank in Old Tucson's Sidewalk of Fame.

picture of board with Jacqueline's name
She shares the board with Paul Burke. Her other neighbors include Angie Dickinson, Marie Osmond, Ann-Margaret and Shelley Winters.

"The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean" is available on video. A widescreen laserdisc version was also released.